Now that you have acquired an iPad 5 Mini it only makes sense that the device is put to good use. This is only possible when you apply tips and tricks for your iPad Mini 5 that works. A few of them which you can try are:

  1. Creation of Folders: There is no point having the screen of your device cluttered with one app or another. One trick you can use to free up valuable space is to group apps together. This way you do not lose track of where they are for use in future. Simply hold onto an app an drag it over another app before letting go. An automatic folder that contains both apps will be created which can be put in the Dock that is readily accessible.
  2. Protect Personal Data: With this tip you will never have to worry about your personal data falling into the wrong hands. Booby-trapping your data is now as easy as ABC. Simple go to Settings to find Touch ID and Passcode where you can cause your device to erase everything. All it takes is for you to enter incorrect passcodes ten consecutive times to trigger this function.
  3. Control Notifications: In as much as you want to be on top of things, getting too many notifications can be quite annoying. Take charge of the situation using this tip. Go to Settings and find “notifications”. You can choose to turn specific notifications off as well as determine they are delivered using specific sounds.
  4. Learn Where Your Battery Power Has Gone: Your device is capable of showing you what app consumed the most battery energy. Find “battery” under Settings to learn about this. In addition, it is possible to turn off the display of your battery energy as a matter of choice. Take advantage of the power-saving tips offered for a longer lasting battery life.
  5. Use Text Shortcuts: This tip works fine for those that type a lot and tend to repeat certain block of texts more frequently. You can create shortcuts that automate the kind of response you want. Perhaps you do not like taking calls while in a meeting, go to “General” under “Settings” and find “Keyboard”. Here you can create all kinds of pitches you need.

Your iPad 5 Mini comes with amazing features that are so clever and useful. There are other delightful things you can do with this device other than the ones listed above.